Citizens Bank Park Seating Chart View Map 2017

Citizens Bank Park Seating Chart 2017

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Citizens Bank Park Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Citizens Bank Park Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Citizens Bank Park Seating Chart 2017

On April 3, 2004, Major League Baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies transferred home field from Veterans Stadium, a multipurpose stadium, to Citizens Bank Park. It is located as part of South Philadelphia Sports Complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Both the Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) have suggested building a new stadium in 1999. The demand for the new stadiums in Philadelphia was bolstered after a railing in Veterans Stadium fell apart during the Army-navy Game with eight cadets injured. On December 20, 2000, they together with the City of Philadelphia have agreed on a location for the new ballpark and the funding for its construction. According to the deal, the Phillies will pay for the overruns in construction and its maintenance. The only tax increased to finance the stadium was a two percent rental car tax to be paid for the visitors.
This ballpark was named after Citizens Bank, which purchased the naming rights, and telecasts, radio broadcasts, publication promotion on June 17, 2003 for $95 million good for 25 years. Groundbreaking and unveiling ceremonies for Citizens Bank Park were held on June 28, 2001. The Phillies first game played on this ballpark was against Cincinnati Reds.

Designs and Features
Citizens Bank Park features a 43,647-seating capacity that includes three seating levels: the lower, suite and upper decks. The primary grandstand dimension spans from the left field foul pole to homeplate, then to the right field foul pole and to the right center field. A gap in the upper deck was added by the first base section to allow the seats to be closer to the field. One of the noteworthy features in this ballpark is the seating bowl, which has several angles akin to the Shibe Park.

Ashburn Alley, located behind the center field, is named after Phillies’ legendary center fielder Richie Ashburn in honor of his stellar performance and contribution in baseball. This is a festive outdoor strip that features games, restaurants, picnic areas and memorabilia shops of Phillies history, Ashburn’s bronze statue, and the US flag as well as flags of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, POW/MIA, City of Philadelphia, and Phillies’ championships.

There are two premium seating options in the ballpark. First is the 1,164-seats Diamond Club located behind the homeplate. It’s an indoor air-conditioned club area that offers fancy food and souvenir shops. Second is Hall of Fame Club, located between Section 212 to 232. The latter offers memorabilia items from the team since 1880s as well as those from Philadelphia Athletics.
Whenever Phillies hits a home run or wins the game, a very big Liberty Bell home run celebration (measuring 52 ft tall and 35 ft wide, 102 ft above the ground) rings and lights up.

For children eight years old and younger, they can have a grand time climbing, sliding, exploring and playing games in Phanatic Phune Zone, which is located at the First Base Gate plaza. There’s also separate playground for toddlers three years old and younger.

Environment-Friendly Stadium
The Phillies is the first MLB team to join Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership Program to inspire other organization all over the world to utilize green power to help reduce harmful impact to the environment. On April 30, 2008, the team announced that Citizens Bank Park will be equipped with 20 million kilowatt hour green energy supplied by Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Certificates.

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