Comerica Park Seating Chart View Map 2017

Comerica Park Seating Chart Map 2017

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Comerica Park Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Comerica Park Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Comerica Park Seating Chart 2017

Comerica Park in Downtown, Detroit is an open-air ballpark and home to the Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers. With a seating capacity of 41, 255, the ballpark is named after Comerica Bank who has bought its naming rights with contract lasting until 2030. Even if the bank’s headquarters transferred to Dallas, it still retains a bigger presence in Detroit.

Sitting on the original site of Detroit College of Law, the stadium opened its doors to the public in 2000 with the scoreboard in the left field being the largest in MLB.

Getting to Comerica Park
The ballpark is strategically located just minutes from Detroit Metro airport and surrounding suburbs. If you are planning to attend any of the Tiger’s game, plan ahead and check on any convenient transportation you can use and any Detroit hotels near Comerica Park for you perfect accommodation. Checking the map of Comerica Park beforehand will help you find the best seats and parking if you are using a private car.

• Transportation
With the ballpark’s perfect and central location, anyone can opt to take the shuttle vans, tour/group buses, limousine service, taxi cabs or personal vehicles.

• Parking
Olympia Entertainment who operates 5,000 parking spaces surrounding the ballpark buy there are several privately-owned parking facilities a few blocks to the Comerica Park. To avoid hassle, arrive early so you can find a parking spot easily or buy parking online before the game.

Comerica Park Features
• Entrance
Comerica Park has 3 main gated entrances each featuring superb attractions on higher level such as an immense 80-foot high baseball bats framing the gates, Pewabic tile accents and huge tiger sculptures.

• Design
Comerica Park was designed taking into highest priority the fan’s sight lines; hence there was no upper deck outfield seats made so fans can have a magnificent view of downtown skyline that only Comerica Park can offer. The ballpark appears to be rooted from an urban village surrounded by numerous shops, restaurants, offices and several attractions.
In the middle of the food court is a carousel where guests ride on a tiger instead of horses. On the northeastern corner of the stadium is a Ferris wheel with 12 baseball themed cars. The centerfield features a giant fountain that sets off whenever Tigers score and bursts water or referred to as Liquid Fireworks in between innings.

• Scoreboard
Comerica Park boasts of its main scoreboard, the largest in baseball with a size equivalent to the size of the face of the Fox Theater Office Building.

• Seating
The Comerica Park Detroit MI comprises of various seating entirely spread on the stadium which are Tigers on Deck Circle, Tigers Tiger Den, Tigers Infield Boxes, Tigers Terrace, Tigers Outfield Boxes, Tigers Lower Baseline Boxes, Tigers Club Seats, Tigers Upper Box Infield, Tigers Upper Baseline Boxes, Tigers Upper Boxes, Tigers Tiger Club, Tigers Grandstand, Tigers Mezzanine, Tigers Pavilion, Tigers Upper Reserved, Tigers Bleachers, Tigers Kaline’s Corner, and Tigers Skyline.
The best Detroit Tiger seating is determined on the price you pay for a Comerica Park ticket. To ensure a flawless view, examine a Comerica Park Seating Chart for more information before buying a ticket.

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