Coors Field Seating Chart View Map 2017

Coors Field Seating Chart Map 2017

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About Coors Field Seating Chart 2017:

Coors Field, a Denver, Colorado ballpark, is the home field of the Major League Baseball franchise, Colorado Rockies. It was the first baseball-only stadium built for the National League since Dodger Stadium in 1962. It is named after Coors Brewing Company who bought the rights to the name in 1995.

Coors Field Construction:
The Colorado Rockies played at Mile High Stadium in the 1993 and 1994 seasons while then Coors Field was still under construction. The seating capacity in the original plan was supposed to be at 43,000; however, the team has increased their fan base after their playing their first season which led them to decide to increase it to accommodate 50,000 fans. It was constructed using materials like brick and steel similar to that of Camden Yards and other modern ballparks today. The vintage brick and metal façade enables the ballpark to blend well with downtown Denver. 120, sq. ft sod, grown at Graff Turf Farm covers the field. The sod is a combination of two rye grass strains and bluegrass.

The design integrates 1920s suburban ballpark and 21st century, modern-day technological conveniences. So as not to tower highly over the nearby buildings, this stadium is established 21 ft below street level. This ballpark was constructed with better accessibility in mind. It is located near Interstate 25 and has immediate access to 20th Street and exits to Park Avenue. It is also near to Union Station for access to light rail transportation.

An interesting happened while construction was going on; workers uncovered several number of dinosaur fossils all over the ground which includes a 7 ft, 450 kg triceratops skulls. Due to their discovery, they thought of initially naming the stadium to Jurassic Park. The Rockie’s cute triceratops mascot, Dinger was inspired by this incident.

Coors Field Features:
One of Coors Field’s prominent features is the clock, located at corner 20th and Blake Street. This serves as the fans’ landmark where they meet before the game.

They were also the first chief ballpark that has underground heating system which enables the groundskeeper to swiftly melt any snow that accumulated.

Blue Moon Brewery at the Sandlot is a restaurant operated by Coors Brewing Company which tries to experiment with craft beers in smaller scale. Blue Moon, a Belgian-style wheat beer was invented by this restaurant and is mass produced by Coors.
Coors Field has wide selection of food choices such as Rocky Mountain Oysters, sushi, Rockie dog, Tucson dogs, Denver dogs, vegetarian dogs, burgers and other typical park food.

It also features a landscape decoration that mirrors the normal Rocky Mountain environment and consists of fountains, waterfall, and pine trees. Whenever a Rockies player hits a home run, the fountain is raised up high in the air.
They have two huge LED video screen displays and one ribbon display in the outfield made by Daktronics. The first display below the “Rockies” is measure at 27 ft high and 47 ft wide while the second display is measured at 33 ft high and 73 ft. wide.

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