Dodger Stadium Seating Chart View Map 2017

Dodger Stadium Seating Chart Map 2017

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Dodger Stadium Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Dodger Stadium Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Dodger Stadium Seating Chart 2017

Located in Los Angeles, California, Dodger Stadium is home of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1962. Sometimes called Chavez Ravine, this ballpark remains to be one of the most beautiful ballparks in this country. It is presently the third oldest stadium next to Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago, and is the biggest stadium in terms of seating capacity that can house up to 56,000 fans. 2012 marked their 50th anniversary.

They have hosted major sports events such as the All-Star Game in 1980, Summer Olympics in 1984, and eight games of the 1988 World Series. Aside from baseball, the ballpark also hosted other events such concerts of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and even Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1987.

Dodgers Stadium was built near the hillside and numerous freeways in downtown LA with extensive parking space around the Dodgers home. It showcased several ingenious designs like a screened and covered dugout seats section behind the home plate which is inspired by a similar design in Korakuen Stadium in Japan. During a renovation done in 1999, the original dugout section was replaced a more typical boxed seating.

This ballpark’s striking features are the wavy metal roof on top of the back bleachers located behind the right and left field and earthquake-resistant built which has helped it survive several major earthquakes in California.
Their vast surrounding parking lot is built right at the back of the main stands, enabling spectators to park their cars on the same level as their seats, thus reducing the use of ramps inside.

It is equipped with modern DodgerVision scoreboards placed on the left and right fields. The left board shows the out-of-town games while the right scoreboard displays the in-game data. In 1999, strobe lights were installed that flashes whenever Dodgers make a home run and when they win.

Fans can enjoy a massive stadium with spectacular view of the city and nearby Elysian Park and San Gabriel Mountains. They allot considerable amount of their resources to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of this ballpark. Every year during off-season, they have it repainted and full-time gardeners maintain the 300 acres of trees all over the field.
Following the 1999 season, brand-new field seats were added located on the foul lines outside the dugouts and a recent dugout section called the Dugout Club. Luxury suites were upgraded so they can stay competitive and offer same services and amenities that other modern ballparks are providing.

Post 2005 season, seats were also changed to its former color: orange, yellow sky blue and turquoise. Box seating at the baseline area were added and the seat bowl were fixed and remodeled. This renovation project includes the terrace picnic section that can house 500 people outside the Loge seat level. Their seating capacity remains at 56,000 due to the signed conditional-use permit that limits its capacity.

San Francisco Giants is the biggest rival of the LA Dodgers and tickets to their games are scarce. For one to have a closer view of the field, you might want to get a Dugout Club seat where you’ll sit near the home plate. The best deals to watch a baseball game is a $6 seat available for senior citizens, military personnel, and kids age 4-14.

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