Minute Maid Park Seating Chart View Map 2017

Minute Maid Park Seating Chart Map 2017

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Minute Maid Park Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Minute Maid Park Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Minute Maid Park Seating Chart 2017

Minute Maid Park, previously known as Enron Field and the Ballpark at Union Station, is a ballpark located in Houston, Texas and is the official home field of the Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros with a 40,000-seating capacity. It was named after Minute Maid Corp. who bought the rights to the name of the ballpark which explains the many oranges visible all throughout the stadium’s logos and brand. This ballpark was officially launched in 2000 and hosted the All-Star Game in 2004.

This $248-million ballpark incorporated classic architectural and modern technology in its overall design. It features a retractable roof (also called The Juice Box) which can be used when it rains or when it’s unusually hot in Houston and a 50,000 sq. ft. glass on the roof’s west wall to provide spectators a nice view of the Houston skyline. Seats by the left and right field lines are five feet from the line. The ballpark uses natural Bermuda grass over the 2.5 acres baseball field. It also features replica trains which run on a track on the left field whenever Astros hits a home run or win they win the game. The train’s tender which typically carried coals is now filled with giant oranges as a tribute to Minute Maid’s product–the orange juice.

Features and Amenities
Aside from hosting baseball games, Minute Maid Park also hosts other sports events like soccer, American Football, rugby and many more. It features 880 sets found on the suite level, 13,750 seats on the upper level, and 7,132 seats on the second level and 19,201 on the lower level.

Right above the Tal’s Hills concourse, one can find the Conoco Home Run Porch located at the left center field which features a vintage gasoline pump that showcases the total number of Astros home run stats since the ballpark opened.

By 2004, the ballpark is Wi-Fi ready, enabling fans to use the internet while watching the game for a certain fee. They also boast of the being the first sports facility to own closed captioning board for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

Chick-fil-A cows were also displayed by the foul poles with a message: “Eat more fowls”. The cows wear the Astros caps on. Every time an Astros player strikes a pole, fans get to have a free chicken sandwich form Chick-fil-A.

On 2011 baseball season, Minute Maid Park replaced the old scoreboard with a high definition screen called “El Grande”. It is considered as the second largest scoreboard next to Kaufmann Stadium at 54 ft. high and 124 ft wide.

Seating Sections

The Minute Maid Park Seating Chart offers various seating options to watch home baseball games by the Astros which include Astros Dugout Boxes, Astros Diamond Club, Astros Crawford Boxes, Astros Field Boxes, Astros Club Seats, Astros Bullpen Boxes, Astros Mezzanine, Astros View Deck, Astros Outfield and Astros Terrace Deck. Ticket prices determine the quality of seats you will get. You can buy tickets to Astros games from Minute Maid Park office or the Houston Astros website; however, you can actually buy their tickets at cheaper prices from ticket broker sites. Make sure that you browse more on the seating chart in Minute Maid Park before purchasing that ticket.

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