Petco Park Seating Chart View Map 2017

Petco Park Seating Chart Map 2017

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Petco Park Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Petco Park Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Petco Park Seating Chart 2017

Located in San Diego, California, Petco Park is an open-air stadium that opened in 2004 to replace Qualcomm Stadium. It is the official home field of the Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres franchise. The ballpark is named after Petco, a pet supplies company based in San Diego, who paid for the rights to the name in January 2003 for $60 million good for 22 years. Fans of this team take pride in their ballpark as this is considered one of the best major ballparks to watch baseball games in the country.

Before Petco even existed, the Padres have to share the Qualcomm Stadium with National Football League’s San Diego Chargers. It was in 1995 when the Larry Lucchino, President of the Padres, have proposed to let the team have a their own home ballpark. When they made it to the 1998 World Series, San Diego voters agreed to a bond to permit construction of the ballpark.

Design and Construction
The overall construction costs over $450 million partially paid by San Diego Redevelopment Agency and the Center City of Development Corporation. It was constructed by San Diego Ballpark Builders together with Nielsen Dillingham and Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc. and Clark Construction. The ballpark was designed to revive San Diego’s old downtown landscape especially in the East Village area.

Petco Park was supposed to be open on the 2002 season but the construction was temporarily cancelled due to political and legal reasons. The one year delay has prompted the Padres to play the 2002-2003 seasons at Qualcomm Stadium.
The ballpark sported a Southern California retro-style look and feel with its Indian sandstone, stucco and white steel façade. Going up to the amazing ballpark, fans can enjoy the panoramic view of the field. Its entire 42,500 seats are dark blue (to get the semblance of blueness of the ocean) and placed very near to the field and aimed towards the pitcher’s mound. The triple-level grandstand extends from left foul pole to homeplate and the right foul pole.

Populous (formerly known as HOK Sports), under the direction of Antoine Predock designed the ballpark in such a way that the admin offices, restaurants and other amenities are pulled away from the seating bowl and moved to the other buildings around the bowl so that it opens not only to the field but to the outside city. Spectators by the grandstands can enjoy the view of the San Diego skyline, San Diego Bay, Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo.

Tips to Maximize your Petco Park Experience
1. For $50, you can sit in the stadium’s middle area (Toyota Terrace) and you get to enjoy access to various restaurants and waiter service. Just recently, Chocolat, the famous Hillcrest confectionery dealer, offers gelato and crepes. You can find their cart at Park at the Park.
2. The gates open as early as 5 pm but most evening games don’t officially start until 7:05 pm. You can even hang out in the pre-game activities like Beerfest on June 1, Ultimate Cookout on June 22, Wine and Food Festival on July 6.
3. Some of the popular concession stands are now available in Petco are Filippi’s, Randy Jones BBQ and Anthony’s. And in 2012, you will now be able find Bull Taco, too!

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