PNC Park Seating Chart View Map 2017

PNC Park Seating Chart Map 2017

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PNC Park Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
PNC Park Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About PNC Park Seating Chart 2017

PNC Park is a ballpark in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s the official home field of the Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates. On April 9, 2001, this ballpark was opened with the Pirates playing against Cincinnati Reds. PNC Financial Services bought the rights to the name in 1998. Fans can’t deny that PNC Park is arguably one of the most charming ballpark there is even when the Pirates have long struggled to stay afloat financially. It is situated along Allegheny River with a nice view of downtown Pittsburgh.

Design and Construction
In 1990, Mayor Sophie Masloff proposed a 44,000 seat stadium near Three Rivers Stadium and the next five years saw an ongoing deliberation whether a new stadium should be built but were never considered seriously until Kevin McClatchy bought the teams in February 1996. The $216 million fund for its construction was approved in 1997 in conjunction with David L. Lawrence Convention Center and Heinz Field and construction started in 1999. The ballpark’s design introduced nifty features like incorporating limestone in the facility’s façade. It also includes steel truss work, riverside concourse, out-of-town scoreboard, and numerous eateries.

PNC Park is the first stadium that showcases two-deck designs established in the US since Milwaukee County Stadium was launched in 1953. It was designed by Populous, a leading architectural firm that designs ballparks in the US. The design team’s goal was to integrate “classic style” and modern-day designs similar to that of Wrigley Field, Forbes Field and Fenway Park.

Seating Profile
The seats behind the home plate offer a closer view of the field which is actually only 50 feet from the batter’s box while baseline seats are 42 feet from first and third base. Behind the home plate, one can also find 540 Field Club seats with access to the private lounge between the dugouts. If you want an intimate view of the field, you can sit in the outfields on the bleachers on the left field and you can even try to capture the homerun ball when it doesn’t go to the river.

Pirates’ Legacy
Standing on its perimeter are statues of famous Pirates’ players such as Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell and Honus Wagner. A continuous ramp from the streets leading to the seats will take you to the Home Plate Rotunda which showcases the newspaper clippings of the Pirates’ best moments over the years. Left Rotunda is another circular ramp located at the back of the left field gate also features huge tapestries of Pirates’ baseball cards of their players in history.

Tickets for Pirates Games
You can go to any Pirates Clubhouse shop at the Ross Park Mall, Station Square, South Hills Village, Westmoreland Mall and Monroeville Mall or just go directly to PNC Park Ticket office at General Robinson corner Federal Street. Pittsburgh Pirates also offers season ticket holders and other packages which includes partial, share-a-plan and full season. These season ticket plans consists of Pirate home games and season ticket holders can get exciting benefits when the purchase this plan.

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