Safeco Field Seating Chart View Map 2017

Safeco Field Seating Chart Map 2017

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Safeco Field Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Safeco Field Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Safeco Field Seating Chart 2017

Another stadium with a retractable roof is the Safeco Field of Seattle, Washington owned and operated by Washington-King County Stadium Authority. It’s the home stadium of Seattle Mariners of the Major League Baseball (MLB) that can accommodate 47,878 baseball fans. And since its inauguration on July 15, 1999, the stadium has gained recognition both local and national as one perfect setting for baseball and its fans. Looking at the Safeco Field Seating Chart, the stadium really offers magnificent view of Seattle’s downtown skyline, sunset over Puget Sound as well as fantastic view of the games and other events that is sure to delight every fans, visitors and press making every game experience worth remembering.

Getting to Safeco Field
Since every Safeco Field Seattle games and events are an exciting experience, be sure to plan ahead your trip to the baseball paradise by considering all transportation available and hotels near Safeco Field for a hassle and stress free experience. Check online to locate the best hotels to stay.

Bear in mind, local streets and exits near the stadium gets congested and busy one hour prior to the game. Knowing the Safeco Field directions will help you reach the ballpark easily. One convenient option is to settle for public transit but if you go for private drive, be sure to arrive at the ballpark several hours before the game kicks-off to spot a parking space for you. Both Safeco Field Garage and CenturyLink Event Center garage from the north and south of the ballpark offers 4,000 parking spaces where you can purchase it online. Another alternate transportation is to take bicycles, taxis, limousines or walking.

Amenities and Services
The stadium is designed to provide convenience and easy access to persons with disabilities, mobility issues or hearing impairment with its state-of-the-art devices available for them. Elevators and escalators are also provided. Other services include emergency evacuations, first aid/medical treatment and guests’ service centers.

Safeco Field Features
The stadium boasts of its one-of-a-kind design on its:
Roof – Its retractable roof is designed as an umbrella for the stands and field and not to fully enclose and control its climate Since Seattle, WA has a mild climate, the stadium needs only to close if precipitation occurs.
Scoreboard system – the ballpark has got one of the most all-embracing scoreboard systems in MLB with 11 electronic displays and antique manually operated scoreboard on the left field. The main scoreboard in the center field has a huge and sophisticated LED technology video screen and matrix board to display graphics and animation. It has two rare play-byplay boards along the first and third lines that display running summaries of plays so fans can follow the action.
Playing Field – the playing surface is custom designed featuring a blend of four kinds of Kentucky bluegrass and two kinds of perennial rye grass to provide optimum playing surface for the athletes. Specially designed drainage system that includes a layer of drainage pipe, pea gravel, sand and grass are also installed along with a web of one-inch plastic hose that circulates hot water under the grass to liven it up after being dormant in time for the opening.

If you are eager to watch the game at Safeco Field Settle, WA, just make sure to have studied the Safeco Field Seating Chart to catch a perfect view on the action in the field. For more enjoyable trip, you can always arrange a Safeco Field tour in advance.

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