Tropicana Field Seating Chart View Map 2017

Tropicana Field Seating Chart Map 2017

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Tropicana Field Seating Chart 2017 - View Map
Tropicana Field Seating Chart 2017 – View Map

About Tropicana Field Seating Chart 2017

Considered as dome stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida and exactly the opposite of any ballpark stadium, but the locals can boast on their winning team, the Major League baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays. By history, Tropicana Field is the only stadium in history to host full seasons of professional hockey, arena football, baseball, football and other sports played at Tropicana Field.

Tropicana Field Characteristics

With a seating capacity of 43, 772, it is the only stadium with a slanted roof to reduce interior volumes and minimizes cooling costs. Such designed is aimed at protecting the stadium from hurricanes. It is supported by a tensegrity structure with and lit up with orange lights after the Rays win a home game.
One of the most famous criticisms of the stadium is the four catwalks hanging from the ceiling, but these are part of its support structure built with cable-stayed technology. It also provides supports for the speaker and lighting systems of the dome.
Another notable critic of the dome is the dull interior environment where it can be compared to a warehouse. However, since it is basically for baseball game, the design is made fitted to it which is somewhat smaller and intimate.  In recent years, there had been various sophisticated amenities added such as larger scoreboard, catwalk sleeves, video wall and other improvements necessary to make the dome more appealing and friendly.

The Tropicana Field

The dome is divided into many seating sections spreading on multiple decks.

  • Rays Avantair Home Plate Club which has its own entrance, recliner seats and premium buffet in-seat service making it the most expensive section situated just behind home plate in the ballpark.
  • Rays Whitney Bank Club consists of the main premium seating area of the dome positioned between the bases behind the Rays Fieldside Boxes
  • Rays Fieldside Boxes are the closest but non-club seating to Tropicana Field. Looking at the Tropicana Field seating chart rows, it is located right next to the field down the lines and behind Ray Avanatair Home Plate Club.
  • Rays Lower Infield Boxes are composed of a small section of the Rays section located between the bases.
  • Rays Lower Boxes are the largest seating area at the bottom level of Tropicana Field
  • Rays Press Level are situated between the bases on the second level of the dome
  • Rays Baseline Boxes are located in small sections in the corner of the right and left field.
  • Rays Outfield Boxes or the bleachers occupying the entire area of the Tropicana Field.
  • Rays Upper Reserved is the most plentiful and has the cheapest tickets.  Based on the seating chart for Tropicana Field, it is circling the infield stretching to both outfield corners from three levels and playing surface.
  • Rays Party Deck is a separate seating location situated on the second level above the Rays Outfield where the team uses this portion for special promotions.

Your choice of seats largely depends on how you intend to watch baseball event from your eye view. Before watching the show, make use of Tropicana Field Seating Chart 2017 as your guide.

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